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Hazing Effects



Detriments of Hazing

There is never just one victim in the practice of hazing. It affects many people both directly and indirectly. Because one cannot control who it will hurt, the practice must be stopped.

You can probably guess why hazing is discouraged across the country. It serves no true purpose to helping an organization or its members. Some of the detriments to hazing can be seen in the list below, as offered by Stop Hazing.Org:

  • Physical harm and death
  • Emotional harm
  • Student attrition
  • Breading of mistrust among group members
  • Cultivation of a school/campus culture of abuse
  • Bad press for individuals, organization and school/campus or community
  • Lawsuits and liability

Another detriment to this is the repercussions students will face if they are found responsible for violating the University's Hazing policy. Sanctions could be as serious as expulsion from the University appear on your transcript indefinitely.

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